"Nickelodeon Nostalgia" by NAS Storyboard Artist Aaron Austin

I’ve been at Nickelodeon for about 3 months now, and I wanted to make something that paid homage to the Nickelodeon cartoons I grew up with. It’s amazing how much a cartoon can mean to you even after so many years. I’m so grateful I have the opportunity to help create shows for today’s kids!” -Aaron

An awesome piece by Aaron!



So as some of you know, I’ve spent the past year and a half making custom painted and handmade items (made to order). Due to the super long waits for customers and issues with shipping (causing me to make items multiple times and losing out on money for supplies AND shipping ((Matt and I did the math and it came out to 300$+ that I lost))) I’ve decided that I’d like to start over and try and make and sell ONLY ready made things, so that I can lessen shipping time and have a much bigger selection to choose from (And do what I’ve always dreamed to do from home!).

The only issue with that is not having the money to buy the supplies up front, when previously I was having to post my custom items for much more than needed so that I could buy the supplies for the item and make it/send it out. Causing customers to have to wait for me to get supplies and make things before being able to ship it out, which caused a huge amount of frustration and loss of money on both sides (And ridiculous waiting times at times).

If I can get this jumpstart I need, then I not only will be able to put things up for cheaper, but there will be no wait time for the customers!

I also want to branch out what I make, and in gaining some money from this first bunch of things sold, I can then afford to buy even more supplies and branch out into bigger/better and a more variety of things!

~List of Things I Want to Sell in My Store Starting Out~

:: BJD accessories (Antlers, horns, tentacles, etc etc)

:: Handmade different types horns, antlers (Including Icy/clear ones), tentacles (For your hair and as horns), mushroom/forest horns, hair accessories for humans

:: Dread sets (In all sorts of awesome shades!)

And that’s just starting, once I can establish a standing, then there will be MUCH more things, including respirators, Pastel Goth accessories, and apocalyptic clothing! :D

On my GoFundMe Page I have a list of supplies I need to start out, including their price and my Amazon Wishlist link (ALL supplies things, nothing else) so you can get an idea of specifics or if you’d like to help me out by buying the things out front.

~~~~ I also have rewards for different amounts donated! Including discounts and free stuff from my store when I add the new stuff!

EVERY little bit helps, including as little as .50 cents.
I know that a ton of you CAN’T help, but even if you can help spread the word and reblog this for me, it would mean more than words could EVER express! <333